AMSP continue to work with Maths Hubs

Thursday 9th January 2020

The Maths Hubs and the AMSP continue to work together to develop a seamless offer for teachers of Maths. A poster is available, showing how they complement each other at level 3.

Level 3 Maths Work Groups are extended professional development programmes and are an ongoing collaboration between teachers from local schools and colleges led by an expert in maths professional development. These events can now all be found in the on the AMSP website.

Supporting Core Maths

Supporting Core Maths Work Groups help aspiring, new or experienced Core Maths teachers develop their confidence in the subject. Participants will develop their understanding of the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths teaching through contextualised problem solving, and will appreciate the different Core Maths courses and be able to choose the one appropriate for their students.

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Developing A level Pedagogy

Developing A level Pedagogy Work Groups aim to develop knowledge of content and the requirements of the new maths A levels and understand the purpose of the overarching themes. Participants will gain confidence in teaching new aspects of content (particularly mechanics and statistics) and explore the benefits of teaching statistics through the use of large data sets.

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Embedding Technology in Level 3 Maths

Embedding Technology in Level 3 Maths Work Groups will explore where, when and how to use technology to enhance students’ understanding. Participants will develop their own practice as a technology champion in their department.

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Boolean Maths Hub have their annual conference on Saturday 18th January. The AMSP's Programme Leader, Kevin Lord, will be delivering a workshop and Ben Sparks is one of the keynote speakers. For further information please visit their websiteOpens a new window.

By Will Warne

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