Additional funding to support your advanced maths offer

If your school/college is increasing student participation in the advanced (i.e. level 3) maths qualifications, you may qualify for additional funding through the Advanced Maths Premium. You may also be eligible for the Large Programme Uplift.

The Advanced Maths Premium

This funding is designed to encourage greater participation in the advanced maths qualifications. A brief summary of the details is provided below. For full details, refer to the DfE’s guidance for schools and collegesOpens a new window.

  • The first year for the premium is academic year 2018-19.
  • The premium will be paid in funding allocations in 2019-20 and (initially) for the following two years.
  • The funding is for each additional student, above a baseline, studying an advanced maths qualification.
  • The baseline is calculated from the mean number of your students studying advanced maths qualifications in academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17 within your school/college.
  • For new providers (with the exception of maths schools), including those that do not have student numbers for academic years 2015-16 and 2016-17, the baseline is determined from a national average.
  • Eligible qualifications include: Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics, AS/A level Further Mathematics, and AS/A level Statistics. Annex J of the DfE guidanceOpens a new window provides a full list.
  • The premium is paid at a rate of £600 per year per 'additional' student for one year for AS level equivalent courses, and for two years for A level and equivalent courses.
  • A student studying AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics will be counted twice in the same year.

Here’s an example of how the premium will be calculated:

Qualification 2015-16 2016-17 Baseline 2018-19
AS level Mathematics only 30 28 29 15
A level Mathematics 23 15 19 35
AS level Further Mathematics 4 0 2 4
A level Further Mathematics 1 5 3 4
Core Maths 0 0 0 15
Total 58 48 53 73

The figures include students in Year 12 and 13 of A level courses and Year 12 of AS level courses. Students studying A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics are counted twice for each year of the two-year course.

In this example, the increase in student qualifications is 20, and so the Advanced Maths Premium for payment in the 2019-20 funding allocation is 20 x £600 = £12,000.

Print-friendly summary details can be downloaded hereOpens a new window.


Large Programme Uplift

Most students taking A level Further Mathematics do so as part of a four (or more) A level programme; however some schools/colleges now limit students to three A level subjects. An additional incentive has therefore been made available to encourage schools/colleges to allow students to take Further Mathematics as a fourth subject.

From 2018-19, students studying A level Further Mathematics as part of a four (or more) A level programme qualify for an additional 10% (or 20%) funding uplift provided they achieve grade C or better in Further Mathematics and grade B or better in their other subjects. Full details of the Large Programme Uplift are available in the DfE guidanceOpens a new window. Guidance on offering Further Mathematics as part of a four (or more) A level programme is available here.