STEP and AEA Preparation Day



A day aimed at anyone hoping to sit Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP) or the Advanced Extension Award (AEA) in Mathematics during June 2020. Students can come unaccompanied but teachers may also find the day useful.


  • Enable students and staff to work collaboratively on STEP and AEA questions;
  • Develop and practise the skills needed to tackle STEP and AEA questions effectively;
  • Spend time focusing on pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics questions;
  • Encourage creativity in mathematics.

Who will benefit from attending?

Increasing numbers of universities, including Lancaster, Warwick and York, are encouraging their mathematics applicants to sit one or more of the Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP) in Mathematics and/or the Advanced Extension Award (AEA) in Mathematics. In the event that an applicant narrowly misses their stated offer, a pass in STEP or AEA makes it highly likely that the university will admit them in any case.

Year 13 students whose conditional offers require, or encourage, STEP and/or AEA should attend, as should students planning to sit STEP and/or AEA as a challenge. In addition, think about sending:

  • Year 13 students who plan to read mathematics, or a related subject, at university – studying STEP or AEA questions will be excellent preparation for this;
  • Year 13 students who you think would benefit from spending a day solving problems;
  • Teachers at schools/colleges that do not offer STEP and/or AEA support, but would like to;
  • Teachers who are looking to enhance the STEP and/or AEA support they offer students.

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Key Facts

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Target year:

Year 13

Curriculum focus:

University admissions tests

Mathematical focus:

Problem solving

Event format:

Student course

Event length:

1 day


North West


Private Dining Room,
County South,
Lancaster University,


Tue 5th May 2020

Course times:

10:00 - 15:30




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If you have any queries about this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

James Groves
[email protected]
01524 592378

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