Subsidies for AMSP professional development courses

Through government funding, the AMSP is able to offer many events for free or at low cost. For some of our professional development courses, additional subsidies are available to enable more teachers to participate, particularly teachers in AMSP Priority Areas.

These subsidies, usually paid on completion of the course, cover the full course fees. They may also include a contribution towards the costs of teacher cover, travel expenses, and the support provided by your school/college.

The table below summarises the subsidies available.

AMSP professional development course Course type Upfront fees per participant Subsidy paid upon course completion
State-funded schools and colleges in Priority Areas Other state-funded schools and colleges
Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) Sustained £600 £1500 £1000
Teaching Further Mathematics 1 (TFM1) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Further Mathematics 2 (TFM2) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Mechanics 1 (TM1) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Mechanics 2 (TM2) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Statistics 1 (TS1) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Statistics 2 (TS2) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Discrete Mathematics 1 (TD1) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Teaching Discrete Mathematics 2 (TD2) Sustained £300 £800 £300
Further Mathematics Conference One-day Free £250  
A Level Mathematics or A Level Further Mathematics courses One-day Free £250  
Higher level problem solving and supporting preparation for university entrance tests One-day Free £250 £200
Core Maths regional conferences  One-day Free £250  
Core Maths Teaching Workshops One-day Free £250  
Raising Confidence with GCSE Maths courses Suite of one-day courses Free £250 per teacher, per course  
Discover GCSE Maths courses Suite of one-day courses Free £250 per teacher, per course  
Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) Various short courses (up to 6 sessions) £95 £95 £95
Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) Various long courses (at least 7 sessions) £195 £195 £195
On Demand Professional Development (ODPD) Various Free    

Your school/college is eligible for the subsidy if all of the following apply:

  • the teacher is working in a state-funded school or college in England
  • the course fee, where applicable, has been paid by the school or college
  • the teacher fully and actively participates in the course

Courses may have additional payment criteria. Please check the subsidy details on the course webpage before making an application for a place.

During the application process, you will be asked to provide financial details for your school/college. These will be used to pay the subsidy.